Test to Learn

Aidan Feldman

api.afeld.me / @aidanfeldman


learned by testing

part of getting better...

is overcoming the fear of breaking things

mitigate risk

  • history (e.g. version control)
  • abstraction
  • testing

flavors of testing

  • unit
  • integration
  • etc.

unit testing:

test a piece in isolation

integration testing:

test a bunch of pieces together

the way i think about it:

unit testing:

test a piece in isolation

unit testing:

test a piece [and everything below it] in isolation

testing is an art

not a science

( group exercise )

testing leads to...

  • writing things to be testable
  • breaking into smaller pieces
  • coding from the outside in (the UX perspective)

writing tests forces better code


api.afeld.me / @aidanfeldman